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Whatever your current state of health will help determine which type of bodywork you will need. Many times we find that a variety of modalities need to be used during one session to achieve our goal.
For this reason we have chosen to charge by our time only, rather than the modality. All Deep work will be done with my feeties.

60mins Ashiatsu $125

90mins Ashiatsu $150

2hours Ashiatsu $230

*Cupping add on to any massage:

 $20  15-20mins integrated in the massage treatment.

*Sauna Session add on to any massage:

$35 for up to 30 minutes in the Sauna depending on your tolerance. 

Every sauna session comes with a magnesium oil application for pain relief and to expel sweat. 

After your sauna session your muscles are more  pliable. You will leave feeling rejuvenated.

  Weight restriction for the Sauna 250pounds max.

*Rates are subject to change 

Cash is preferred/ there is a 5% CC fee.

I accept all credit cards, cash app and venmo.

*A credit card is ONLY required to hold the appointment, you can pay cash if you choose upon arrival. Your credit card will not be charged until your treatment.

* There is a 5% processing fee for Credit card transactions.

* I do not accept insurance. I have some clients that provide a receipt to their insurance company for reimbursements.

*A 24 hour cancellation policy is strictly enforced.

There will be a fee of 100% of the scheduled value of your session if you are within the 24 hour cancelation period.

Same day cancels and no shows are not acceptable. 

*Repeated cancellations are not tolerated. I understand life happens and plans can change but this is my full time profession and except advanced notice if possible.

The online booking system will not allow you book a session after multiple cancels.

If you experience this, you will have to contact me via email at and make a full prepayment before our session.  This is business and my time is valuable. I am always respectful and punctual and expect the same from you.

There are many people that would love to have a slot in my schedule for much needed therapy. 

* Tardiness is not advised

I will try my best to play catch up and get you on the table as fast as i can to start the session. After 15 minuets late i will attempt to call you.

We might have to deduct that time off your booked session. 

It is better to be early and wait in your vehicle in the driveway.

* Please Google map the address prior to the day of our session to get an estimated duration of your travel time.

I am located in Seminole but only one mile from the gulf of mexico.

This is my full-time profession.

Please respect my time as i do yours.

Please understand that my job is physically and mentally draining as i work with all different people and energies.

Most of the time people whom aren't feeling well come to receive a treatment. 

PLEASE respect my boundaries and personal space.

Please no personal texting or emails. All information such as rates, services and scheduling is done through this website.

It is extremely important for me to log off, disconnect and recharge my batteries when i am not working. This is the only way i can preform the best and give you my best energy.

*The comfort of the therapist is priority, therefore i have the ability and sometimes obligation to refuse and/or terminate the service to a client at anytime. 

There are certain conditions and injuries that are out of my scope of practice and i will not be able to treat.

I have the right to refuse and/or terminate the service to a client who is abusive or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any illegal substance.

There is a weight limit of no more than 300 pounds MAX in order for me to preform Ashitasu. Combining mine and your weight on my table it will not hold. 


*Draping and disrobing: A clients comfort is most important to me. Disrobing to your comfort level is completely up to you. Although with the modality Ashiatsu it is best to undress completely when face down. This way i will be able to slide and glide easily over the tissue of the lumbar, gluteus, legs and feet. Otherwise my toes will get tangled in your garments and it becomes a safety issue and honestly does remove beneficial elements from the massage. I have a sheet or towel to cover where it counts. Draping is always available but not required with a written consent. No misconduct or sexual activity shall take place.

My business establishment is a professional place.

I am working to help heal others under the code of ethics and honesty.

Good vibes only please!

 * Please come showered and clean

*Comfortable clothing such as gym clothes are suggested as there could be some oil residue left on your body from the massage. I do use heated organic coconut oil. 

* I do have a shower available for a rinse off before or after your session if needed.

* First time clients please arrive 10 minuets early to fill out an intake form. 

* For those who are allergic, i do not have any furry four legged friends.

* I will open the garage door when i am ready for our session. If you are a little early you can wait in the driveway until the garage opens. Please ring the doorbell in the garage.

I am never early or late but right on time.

If you have not been here before i will open the garage ten minutes before our scheduled time. This will be time for you to fill out an intake form.

For established clients, if our appointment is at 3pm i will open the garage at 3pm.

You are welcome to pull in and park in the garage if you have a small compact car. All large vehicles please park in the driveway,

Please ring the bell that is inside the garage next to the hand sanitizing station. Please make sure you hear the bell ring or i will not know you are here.

* When booking, please make sure you have the correct date.

I have had recent people showing up for the correct time scheduled but the wrong date on the calendar.  

* I am Fully licensed and insured/ license info: MM34362, MA80132,FS892146

My goal is to provide a safe, nurturing atmosphere, where your body, mind and spirit can reconnect, enhancing your healing process.

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