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Each treatment is tailored to each guest in order to leave the body, mind and spirit in perfect harmony. My cozy home studio is a healing sanctuary. Himalayan salt lamps, quartz and many other healing stones naturally purify the air.

Every treatment includes...Grade A- therapeutic aromatherapy oils, warm towels, and relaxing music for an invigorating experience.  

The table is truly amazing! It is a customized 40inch wide, heated, electric table covered with a professional far infrared Biomat. The Biomat is filled from left to right with 28 pounds of natural amethyst gemstones for maximum healing. The far infrared heat is the most beneficial type of light wave. By producing deep-penetrating, far infrared rays along with negative ions that activate the body at the molecular level, the BioMat is capable of administering deep soothing stimulation. 

*Please see the Biomat page for more information.




Ashiatsu Oriental bar therapy

"My signature massage"

90min or 2hr is recommended for

this treatment.

My Combo Massage is a combination of swedish strokes in the beginning to feel your tension areas and to apply oil. Then i will get on the bars for the deep compression and Ashiatsu Bar therapy.

The most deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet!!

Ashi= Foot Atsu= Pressure

This technique utilizes parallel bars on the ceiling for balance and leverage using the the broad base of feet to deliver deep relaxing strokes reaching deeper layers of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue. Using my weight and gravity i am able to deliver long compressive strokes with my feet. It feels like your muscles are being stretched and kind of ironed out. You may experience a natural spinal alignment with the angle and pressure i am able to deliver.

The treatment restores energy, increases flexibility and enhances circulation and all over blood flow while soothing the digestive system.

This session is like no other massage you have experienced. Amazing!!


Swedish/ lite/ Relaxation 


Classic stress-relieving, light to medium pressure technique, using varied strokes of gliding and kneading to promote circulation and an overall sense of well-being and pampering.

30 minute Far infrared Sauna $35
Stay in up to 30 mins. depending on your tolerance.

Relax in your private room. A magnesium oil spray can be applied on
any achy muscles for pain relief and to help excel a clean sweat. The Sauna will have the scent of Australian oil of eucalyptus to open up the sinuses and allow deeper breathing.
Relax laying down or sitting. Calming music is played, light therapy, deep breathing and stretch posters are displayed. 
Now your body will be warmed up from within your core and ready to melt into my massage table for a ashiatsu treatment. This is a wonderful add on to your massage session...a natural immune booster!

Cupping add on 15-20 minutes infused with any Massage session $20


Cupping is the use of cups applied to the body by suctioning. Cupping gives a negative pressure that can loosen tight muscles, creates a deep sense of relaxation and helps to gently detoxify the body. 

Cupping is based on the belief that by creating vacuums using cups on specific points of a patient’s body, the life force/ qi within that person’s body can be restored to its equilibrium and cure illnesses. All obstructions, pain and inflammations are removed to promote a sense of peace and well-being. Cupping promotes blood flow and calms the nervous system while improving blood circulation. It is a widely recognized form of traditional Chinese medicine.

When the therapist exerts suction on the different points on the body by way of massage suction, certain changes are brought about up to four inches inside the body. These changes stimulate the body to heal itself. 

Massage cupping can be used to treat ailments like stiff muscles, stress, migraines, fatigue and exhaustion, and back and neck pain. Muscles that have been injured, undergone trauma or exertion, accumulate lactic acid and other toxins. Massage cupping can be used to drain these toxins so the muscles can heal.

Massage cupping results in:

*Supplying oxygen and nutrients to the cells

*Promoting the flow of blood to the muscles and tissues, and removing stagnation
*Softening the tightened muscles
*Loosening of adhesions and knots
*Lifting the connecting tissues
*Opening the blockages of the lymphatic nodes and easing the flow of lymph
*Releasing and draining of excess fluids and toxins like lactic acid from the tissues and cells
*Drawing inflammation from the deeper tissues to the surface of the skin so they can heal
*Stimulating and later, calming the peripheral nervous system
*Eliminating chronic congestion

*Though you may get some interesting cupping marks you may also be shocked at how much tension and pain simply vanishes after cupping!

Extra H20 consumption will fade the marks faster.








Ask about my  Hypervolt massage gun... get more value out of your visit, at no extra cost. check out video below.

This  device breaks up fascia creating a vibration and percussion warming up the muscle tissue and making it more more palpaple for deeper massage. 

It kind of works like a foam roller but for more targeted areas...breaking up sheath. 

This increases the lymphatic  fluid draining reducing edema and releases lactic acid. 

This is a great tool to brush and enlongate the muscle belly releasing tension, helping the mind/ muscle connection in the central nervous system communicate better. 

Rebalancing and realigning the skeletal system. 

Come try it out!! 

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